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Slava Political Consulting Europe
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Moscow, Russia
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Slava Europe
+7- 960 - 839 – 2878
+7- 960 - 839 – 2878   
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Political Programmatic Media Buying ,Utilizing Real Time Bidding, Online Video, Web TV and YouTube A
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Political Programmatic Media Buying ,Utilizing Real Time Bidding, Online Video, Web TV and YouTube A
Slava Political Consulting Europe is a subsidiary of Unibell Eurasia Ltd Russia headquartered at Moscow, Russia and Unibell Corporation Ltd Bulgaria headquartered at Sofia, Bulgaria, a division of Unibell Holdings Europe which is specialized in political strategy and communication, polling, message development, IT enabled campaign, Digital campaign, print campaign, mobile campaign, Fundraising, campaign management, traditional and digital media strategy, and media buying. Slava is Russian Term which means “GLORY”.
Slava Political Consulting Europe has its political consulting and political campaign offices in European and Asian countries like Bulgaria, Russia, China, Singapore, India, UK, Spain, Italy, Poland, Philippines, South Africa, Turkey, Kosovo, Macedonia, Greece, Serbia, Germany, Romania, Kazakhstan, Holland, Ireland, Scotland, Czech Republic, France, Malta, Montenegro, Monaco, Slovakia, Slovenia, Norway, Albania, Finland, Estonia, Sweden, Denmark, Cyprus, Uzbekistan, Austria, Hungary, Portugal, Ukraine and Latvia.

Slava Political Consulting Europe are the only company in Europe and Asia that offers the exclusive combination of sophisticated technology and senior political services targeted to national level, state level and local candidates and office holders, all at a cost designed to fit your Parliamentary, Legislative, State, Union, Cabinet, Mayor, Governor, Municipality and campaign budgets! And, unlike the current technology companies in the marketplace, we don't just sell you our software platform, wish you good luck and then head out the door.