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Vinos y Bodegas SL
+ 977
Ctra. De Las Mesas Km. 1
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Contact Person:
Vesta Zueva
+34 926 532 249     
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Business Type:
Wines& Grape Juices Manufacturer
Main Products:
Wine, grape juice, ethyl alcohol for brandy
Dear Sirs,

We produce:

top quality wines: all ranges
bulk & bottled wines
juice concentrate
fresh grape juice
ethyl alcohol for brandy

We are official suppliers to Coca-Cola and Pepsi

We specialize:
mainly in the Economy Class product: table wine and young wine
We also produce vintage wine with the protected region of origin.

"Vinos y Bodegas SA" is a group of companies that includes: plant for bottling of 15 million bottles a year, plant for the production of wine material "Don Quijote Bodegas", which is one of the largest in Spain (over 70 million liters of wine were produced in 2014-2015 harvesting), department for the production of juice concentrate and fresh grape juice and plant for the production of ethyl alcohol for brandy.

We are responsible for the stability of our quality, since the group of companies includes grapes processing plant. We supply wine material in ships and flexitanks.The same wine material is bottled for sale as bottled product. Therefore, we can be responsible for the stable quality.

Vinos & Bodegas:
founded in 1997
Located in La Mancha (Spain)
it is the largest vineyard in the world, 1200 Ha of own vineyards
Internationally awarded wines
Combining tradition and technology

Should you are interested please do not hesitate to contact us,

Thank you!

Our best regards,