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The Desert Falcons Co., LLC
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Aldiyafah St. Way No. 4294 Villa # 6739 A, Ghoubra, Muscat, Oman
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Contact Person:
Mary Millan
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Business Type:
Hygiene Company
Main Products:
Hygiene products- air feshener, auto janitor disinfectant, foam soap, hand sanitizers, auto cut paper, maxi roll, facial tissue, c-fold paper etc.
Company Profile
The Desert Falcons Co.LLC. is the leader in indoor and washroom hygiene since 1996. We are based in Ghobrah, Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. Our operation network is extended to every nuke and corner of Oman. We are authorized distributors of reputed manufacturers from UK, US and ITALY. We are strongly represented in, Banks, Financial Institutions, Petroleum Companies, General Industries, Shopping centers, Health care Institutions, Hotels& Hospitality industries, Offices, Educational Institutions, Airline companies and other sectors.
Our Vision:
Hygiene is essential and must be reliable and affordable. The essence of our vision is to provide optimum indoor & washroom hygiene to all our customers with zero investment from the customer part.
There is a growing global concern in the present life situations for better hygiene. Our R&D wing follows the market & its needs closely, to care our customers with advanced, user friendly, environment friendly and eco friendly technologies and products.
Our service team consists of Service Manager, coordinators, Quality Controller and service technicians. Service technicians are allocated their jobs as per the location with sufficient quantity to ensure the completion of daily jobs.
Our Installation team consists of Supports Manager, Installation Coordinator and Installation Technicians.
Back Up:
Our Q.C ensures the quality of installation and service. Our technical team attends and fixes complaints if any, within 24 hours from the time of complaint registration at our hotline GSM +968-95963110, & +968-92464343.