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Rupayan Center (6th floor)           72,Mohakhali C/A Dhaka – 1212, Bangladesh
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A dream to reach on TOP!
Bangladesh, being a 3rd world developing nation has been struggling with her weak economy since 1971, it became an independent country. With huge natural resources, it could never utilize the immense revenue generating possibilities. Recently, manpower has turned as a state of hope for Bangladesh. As labor cost is lower than other countries round the globe, production cost is also very low here. That was the reason behind the growth of garments sector in Bangladesh. Since 1990’s, Bangladesh has become one of the major garment product exporters. Hundreds of mini garment industries are being set up here by the business merchants. Currently, Bangladesh is holding the 3rd position among readymade garment product exporters. Our dream is to attain the 1st place.
Our Goal!
we, at have been initiating a step towards digital development in this field of garment industry. We have created a simple platform where exporters of Bangladesh will be able to get international exposures. In this world of World Wide Web, it’s not possible to compete without a strong online presence. We have built a team of experts who are always ready to provide with all the facilities that other countries are already arranging for their garments experts. We are just after beginning a new era of digital garments culture. What we want is simple; Bangladesh is holding the 1st position among garment product exporters around the world.
For our exporters!
We are pleased to have world class garment product manufacturers in our country. We know, if they have a chance to expose their products and services in front of an international audience, they will be able to attain the topmost position in almost no time. BGMEA, the association for garment exporters and importers has been trying their level best to get the best garment products of this countries noticed in the eyes international garments community.
For our valuable International clients
We are expecting interested clients from all over the world. At, we allow the best garment manufacturers of our country to enroll. We are expecting the deals finalized right on internet. This website ensures about the quality and service of the products from our exporters. We can also assure about the competitive rates here at Since the late 90’s we have been working with the international clients. Now, we have initiated the first step to let our exporters meet with international buyers online.
Our dream is as simple as we have already talked about- we want to see Bangladesh holding the topmost position among readymade garment exporters from around the world.