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Esfahan Malleable Co
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No. 112, Oshtorjan industrial Zone,Isfahan, Iran
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kamran shirani
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D Esfahan Malleable Company (EMC) is a leading steel casting company in Iran. The foundry has been established in 1984. In the past years EMC has developed many products according to customer needs. A wide range of ferrous and nickel-base air melted alloys such as following are produced in Esfahan Malleable Company.

- Carbon Steel
- Stainless Steel
- Low and High Alloy Steel
- Martensitic Steels
- Hastelloy, Monel, Inconel, Pure Nickel and other Air melted nickel alloys
- Austenitic Steels
- Austenitic ductile irons
- Low Temperature Steel
- Heat Resistant Steel
- Duplex & Super Duplex

Our products are used in many industries such as steelmaking, marine, mining and mine extraction, cement and refractory powders, energy (power generation, oil and gas), construction, chemical and pulp industries.

Quality is a systematic process in EMC, and all managers, engineers, workers and subcontractors associate to provide a high quality product as efficiently and economically as possible. A formal Quality Assurance system, with ISO 9001 certification, insures that products meet all common standards and customer Specifications.

Continuous improvement of products and processes is critical in foundry. So we have prepared exact and strict procedures to do preventive and corrective actions. We use these experiences in developing new products.
Eventually quality is related to customer idea so we need and ask our customers to help us know more about their needs and consider a customer complain as an opportunity for growth and improvement.