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Educational Institute
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Accountancy-related courses
In the 21st century, corporate and personal wealth can be maximised only if you possess Financial Accounting Skills, Corporate Financial Management Skills, and Personal Financial Planning Skills. In April 2016, we are launching four KTC SKILLS FUTURE PROGRAMMES to assist SME bosses, as well as accounting and administrative staff to master these core skills.

On 01/01/1988, C&A Management Consulting Pte. Ltd. was founded by Mr Chong Chai Pin – a Member of Institutes of Singapore Chartered Accountants and Malaysian Institute of Accountants – as a one-man show. The mission of C&A Group is to provide one-stop professional services for investors who wish to launch their businesses in Singapore and Malaysia, from Registration of Companies to IPO.

On 1st April 1997, C&A Group extended its services to include professional education services by establishing KTC Accountants Institute. KTC trains UK Chartered Accountants through LCCI, ACCA-CAT, ACCA (UK), ICAEW (UK) and World Class Accountancy Programmes. KTC Group presently has 7 branches in Southern Malaysia, and the 8th branch was officially established in Singapore on 1st March 2016.

Today, with a strong team of more than 100 professional accountants and trainers in Singapore and Malaysia, C&A Group is serving more than 500 corporate clients, while KTC Group is nurturing more than 1,000 accounting students.

In 2016, C&A Group and KTC Group will be extending its services to China and other
ASEAN Countries by working with the strategic partners with similar mission and strength. Targeting investors for China and ASEAN investments, we will be providing efficient one-stop professional services in English, Mandarin, Bahasa Melayu and other ASEAN local languages.

Through online services, C&A is able to provide reliable and efficient professional support at a fraction of your present professional fee. If you wish to minimise the compliance costs of ACRA and IRD in Singapore, outsourcing your services to C&A is the best option.